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Beginning in 2002

Today Drummonds’ main business is in the manufacture and distribution of classic bathroom products. The business owns and operates three factories that manufacture cast iron baths, brass fittings and china sanitary ware.
Many of our products are made unlike any others. From using dry frit vitreous enamel to seal our freestanding cast iron baths to using the lost wax brass casting process to manufacture our taps, showers and other brassware. Drummonds’ products are incomparable in quality and design.

Warm and welcoming, Fred’s is designed to feel just like home. Dedicated to sustainable produce and the people who farm it, head chef Danielle Alvarez builds her menu around seasonality and combines old-world techniques with innovation. Alvarez and her team cook on free-standing Tuscan grills and a custom-made hearth, elevating produce to its fullest potential. Exceptional ingredients are at the foundation of everything we do.

My Interior Projects

Juicy, brown and sticky-skinned Bannockburn chickens that are hormone-free and air-chilled. You’ll never look at a humble roast chicken the same again.

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